Submit a Photo!

We’d love to post your picture!

Please submit your photo as an attachment to

If you aren’t sure how to create your own photo, we suggest trying Picmonkey or iPiccy. Both give you a lot of photo editing options for free.

You can help us get your photo online more quickly by following the guidelines below.

  • Create a photo and message that is positive.
  • Make the photo 600 pixels wide.
  • Save it as a JPEG (.jpg format).
  • Add your text directly to the image. You can send us a photo and the text separately in your message, however, we’re likely not going to have time to add it to the image for you. We will instead post your text below your photo on our site.
  • For the text, follow the approximate format you see in other photos. Say up to three great things about the person in the photo. We know it’s hard to pick just three!
  • We will use the first names (or pseudonyms) included on or with the photo when posting the image. If you do not include a name, we will post it as “Anonymous”.
  • You can put your web site address on the image in small text, as we appreciate this is an important way of asserting your copyright on an image, but you are not required to do so.
  • Do not include advertising content of any kind. Autism Shines is about positive messages about autism and the people we love.

Note: By submitting your photo to us, you are giving us permission to post your photo on the Autism Shines web site. You retain all ownership rights to the photo; you are simply giving us permission to use it here. If you decide later that you want us to take your photo down, please contact us at the same address.

We do reserve the right to make small edits to your post in the interest of space. We also reserve the right to not post images if they do not meet the guidelines above, however, we typically give people wide latitude about what they create as long as it’s positive. Being positive is always the most important part of the image.

Also note: Please be aware that people may share these images on Facebook or other social media and that they may appear in Google Images and similar search tools. This is how the Internet works. However, if you find that others are ripping off your images and using them inappropriately, by all means contact them, but that is your responsibility and not Autism Shines’s.

Due to the volume of photos we receive and the fact that we are all volunteers, we can’t tell you specifically when we will post your photo. It will be as soon as we can. Give us at least 72 hours before contacting us to ask why it hasn’t been posted. The volunteers working on this project are all autism parents, and as you know things can come up suddenly. You can help speed up processing time by following the guidelines above.

Thank you for being awesome!