Autism Shines’s Terms of Use

Autism Shines strives to share content on its website in a way that honors ownership and intellectual property rights, including copyright, both for Autism Shines and our participants.  Please carefully read the following information before submitting any content to Autism Shines for sharing on this website.

By submitting content (including (but not necessarily limited to) photographs, data, text, images, documents or electronic files) to Autism Shines for sharing on the Autism Shines website (Submitted Content), you represent and warrant (fancy lawyer-speak for “promise”) that:

  • You are the owner of or have the copyright for the Submitted Content.
  • You grant (or have the capacity to grant) permission of all persons depicted in or personally identifiable from the Submitted Content for its use on the Autism Shines website.
  • You have not previously granted any person or entity an exclusive right to use the Submitted Content.
  • You will cooperate with Autism Shines in resolving any dispute regarding ownership, copyright or other intellectual property right arising from the use of Submitted Content on the Autism Shines website.
  • You agree to pay all attorney’s fees for anyone affiliated with the Autism Shines web site in the event of any such dispute regarding ownership, copyright or other intellectual property.

You retain all the ownership and intellectual property rights for Submitted Content you held before submission.  However, by sending us Submitted Content, you understand and agree to the following:

  • You grant Autism Shines a limited, revocable license to use the Submitted Content.  Such use may include sharing Submitted Content on the Autism Shines website (, on the Autism Shines Facebook page (, or in tangible or electronic promotional material for Autism Shines, including donation requests.
  • Autism Shines will never use Submitted Content for any commercial purpose, whether directly or indirectly.
  • Autism Shines may require you to provide your email address, phone number or full name before posting Submitted Content, particularly if any of this information is necessary to verify permission to share Submitted Content that depicts or personally identifies a minor.  Autism Shines will not share your email address, telephone number or full name for any reason without your prior consent.
  • You may revoke the license you give to Autism Shines for Submitted Content at any time by contacting Autism Shines in writing via  If you revoke the license, Autism Shines will remove the Submitted Content from its website, Facebook page or promotional material as soon as reasonably possible.  Removal may take up to three (3) business days.  Autism Shines is not responsible for removing Submitted Content from any other area of the Internet, including other Facebook pages or timelines, other websites, other materials or from data backups or archives.
  • Autism Shines may edit Submitted Content, including any associated metadata, to enable sharing of Submitted Content on the Autism Shines website, Facebook page or promotional material. Editing may include revisions for space, clarity, or other editorial decisions deemed reasonable by Autism Shines.  Autism Shines agrees that editing Submitted Content will not and does not invalidate your ownership or intellectual property rights existing before such editing.
  • Autism Shines will not grant any third-party any right to use Submitted Content without your prior consent. However, Autism Shines cannot prevent and will not be responsible for a third-party’s unauthorized use of Submitted Content.  Owners or copyright holders are solely responsible for protecting his/her/its rights to Submitted Content.  Autism Shines will take reasonable steps, as determined in Autism Shines’ sole discretion, to assist an owner or copyright holder’s enforcement of his/her/its rights.
  • Autism Shines reserves the right to refuse, for any reason and in Autism Shines’ sole discretion, to publish or otherwise use Submitted Content.

If you find Submitted Content here that you believe belongs to you and is used without your permission, please contact us at  Autism Shines will promptly investigate and, when appropriate, remove Submitted Content.

Autism Shines owns and retains all intellectual property rights to the logos, banners, artwork, layout, photographs and other content depicted on this website (with the exception of Submitted Content or as otherwise indicated).  Please respect our intellectual property rights by asking us for permission to use anything you find on the Autism Shines website before you use it.  Write to us at  We believe in the “sharing is caring” philosophy, and we want to spread a positive message about autism, so we’re happy to share when we can.

If you would like permission to use Submitted Content that does not belong to you, Autism Shines may be able to help you contact the owner(s) of the Submitted Content to obtain permission. Write to us at, and be sure to provide as thorough a description of the material as possible.